Tickle.com Social Security?

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01-06-2006 13:09:22

How come tickle.com asks for social security number? Also they don't appear to have ssl encryption. I just wanted to get other people's opinions before I completed an offer with them.


01-06-2006 13:12:11

Huh. They asked for your social? They never asked for mine.....


01-06-2006 13:12:15

You shouldn't have to submit your SSN. I remember a while back someone under me said they asked for it but you have to be doing the wrong thing if they ask for that.


01-06-2006 13:52:32

Yeah I never had to submit my SS#. I wouldn't do it if I were you...


01-06-2006 14:03:42

Thanks. It seemed really fishy. It was for some loan thing.


01-06-2006 14:10:51

Okay, I just realized I can buy the results without filling out the social security part.


03-06-2006 13:32:58

O no man, thats an optional offer. You can just skip that while they "tally your test results" or whatever. Just find "no thanks" somewhere under the offer.