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01-06-2006 08:09:55

I just registered for freepay/gratis sites for ipod nano and laptop. I used the same email address and same mailing address. I do not have any refferals or completed an offer yet. Before I go ahead and do anything with the accounts I wanted to make sure that I will still be able to get at least the ipod or the laptop. If I only complete the nano and not the laptop will my nano completion be rejected because I registered for the laptop with the same addresses?


01-06-2006 08:15:05

You are allowed one account per site, so you are fine. You can use the same e-mail address and mailing address once on each Freepay site, and cruise right along.


01-06-2006 08:57:20

Thank you for your reply. I would like to appolpgize for asking a question that is basically already on the FAQ. I actually realized that a while ago I registered with a different email address, but the same mailing address for the ipod nano site. However, I never verified my first account through the verification email. Is this going to cause problems? Also, has anybody had any luck donating to this site to have your link put up? I just put mine up for 1 day. It sounds like a great idea I just wanted to know if other people felt it was the best way to solicit refferals.