Tickle.com... multiple sites? Same site more than once?

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30-05-2006 18:12:45

What's the deal with completing more than one Tickle.com offer? Can I cancel my membership and complete another (which you all know you need to do to purchase the results and get credit for the offer)?

I'm assuming this second question is a no, but just in case can I delete my account in order to do the [i58d454a769]same [/i58d454a769]Tickle test?


30-05-2006 18:15:23

You may do more than one Tickle test as long as they are different. For instance, you may do Zodiac and then Tarot but it's recommended that you do them 8 days apart. You may not do the same Tickle test more than once. )


30-05-2006 18:16:25

thank you +kma


30-05-2006 18:23:59

[quote5040b7e7c2="plusnightlife"]thank you +kma[/quote5040b7e7c2]

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31-05-2006 11:00:15

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Thanks! )[/quote7239f17750]

Just to follow up on your comment. It's not just recomended that you do them 8 days apart, it's absolutly neccesary because when you do a tickle test you are automatically enrolled in a 7day trial of their premium service. If you do another test in those 7 days you will not have to pay for it (thats what the premium service does for you) and thus you will not get credit.


31-05-2006 14:32:34

hmm, we need to sticky one of these threads that pop up once per week or put it in the faq )