Looking for the best sites, Need a newbie guide.

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29-05-2006 19:33:39

Hello, I'm guessing someone out there has a guide to the best sites.
So whoever posts in the next message is the guide I will use.

I am already a member of FusionCash, 3604free and adultincentive.

If you have other good paying sites please post them.

I am looking for sites where I can do offers. I am not interested in referring my friends.

So post the guide, PM me a guide link and please be sure to post in this thread so im not getting slammed with lots of guides.



29-05-2006 20:20:13


You get paid per refferal(the way I use them) or use them just like fusioncash. Also give instantprofitz.com a shot.

PS If you choose to do OrderCash4Free.com, I am paying $27 per refferal.lionly if you wanna be a refferal anywaysli


29-05-2006 20:25:10

Stick with Trainn if you're looking for stuff, they're probably the best right now.


29-05-2006 21:15:46

Guess I should have said that I'm more interested in paypal/cash than getting free items.


29-05-2006 23:07:33

RewardBull is a cool newer site. You can get referrals or just do offers yourself. Pretty good customer service, although crediting can be a bit of a pain (get on AIM and talk to RBullSupport if you don't get credit, they will fix it for you). They just do cash although they suggest you spend it on an iPod. OrderCash4Free is similar, also good, lots and lots of offers to choose from.


30-05-2006 05:30:43

Trainn has a points system and you can take the PayPal option.


30-05-2006 11:52:43

Trainn, but try not to do flashipods4free because its really hard to find referrals unless you have your own system of getting people.


30-05-2006 18:08:25

[quote43efd554c4="jmallx"]Guess I should have said that I'm more interested in paypal/cash than getting free items.[/quote43efd554c4]

then Definetely stick to trainn... you can choose a paypal payout for all of their sites...

what i like to do is find somebody looking for a referral for a trainn site, get $25 paypal from them to sign up, then complete the site and get the $ from trainn... then repeat with another trainn site