Recomended Free Desktop Sites?

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27-05-2006 20:08:02

My computer sucks beyond all imagine and i need a nicer one. D


27-05-2006 20:10:41

Trainn Desktops site probably.


28-05-2006 10:42:29

You can custom order anyone you want on any of my sites.

28-05-2006 11:33:01

Trainn, offercentric, freepay (hahaha not so much), free4me and orderit4free (orderpcs4free) all have good desktops for reasonable rates.

Obviously don't mess with freepay but otherwise you should be set.


28-05-2006 16:04:28

another alternative is to do the math.
figure out what sites pays the most paypal per ref.
do that site and maybe one more
add the paypal together, go to and find a dell deal )