Antispyware Programs

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27-05-2006 01:24:03

I use several antispyware programs regularly and besides removing spyware, adware, etc. and cookies as well. Seeing as how a lot of these sites use cookies to track your offers, would it be safe to continue using these programs?

The programs (myself included) have no specific way of differentiating which cookies are used to track offers, so all of the cookies that show up as being a threat end up being erased. Other programs I use block cookies from the beginning.

I'm worried that this is the reason my offers are not being credited. But I'm also paranoid about my computer security so I have no idea what I should do. Anyone have any ideas or suggestions as to what I should do? Or if this really even is a problem?


27-05-2006 07:43:30

just shut down the programs, do your offers, and then run them again.

They need the cookies to credit, but most programs know what to let in and what not. If you're really worried, just go on the safe side.


27-05-2006 08:01:25

with most of those programs u can also create exceptions. i agree with the above post just to be safe