Tickle Tests & Firefox

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26-05-2006 11:15:59

Anyone have a problem doing tickle tests using the Firefox browser?


26-05-2006 14:05:50

Tickle tests in firefox is fine, it credits.


26-05-2006 20:10:57

yeah but I never use firefox to do offers. had 3 previous offers i had to manual when i used it. of course it may have not been firefox )
i use it for everything else though


26-05-2006 20:30:07

I always use IE, just to be safe...


29-05-2006 15:49:58

Used Firefox for a couple of previous Tickle Tests until they stopped taking manual credit support tickets for them, I've used IE just to be safe from then on out.


29-05-2006 18:13:37

I think Tickle is kinda crappy crediting in general, regardless of browser.


29-05-2006 19:57:29

Never had a problem with crediting, I use IE for it most of the time though.


30-05-2006 18:10:31

i use firefox and i've never had a problem with a tickle site