Lock plz.

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25-05-2006 20:16:51



26-05-2006 17:50:52

I'll up it to $10 if someone can do this fast.

I wanna get my teams site up but I truely suck at making graphix. and my buddy(co-owner) can't do anything as he is in japan in the marines for another 19mo. (I know I can wait, but the team isn't just me and him, its about 25 people...)


29-05-2006 10:07:38

i guess i could do this, so just to make sure, you only need the design without coding? and also when do you need it done?


29-05-2006 16:44:07

Well, I could use the coding for the layout(button alignment etc). Also, I need this ASAP, by the latest I need it to be done for friday(first friday in june)


30-05-2006 03:55:25

ok i will start working on this, i will try and get it done as soon as possible but email= me at email=rosh93@gmail.comrosh93@gmail.com me at email=rosh93@gmail.comrosh93@gmail.com/email and i will give you more details


30-05-2006 04:09:34

Beware of scammers; pyt has only two posts and they've in this thread.


30-05-2006 04:10:26

Oh, and he joined yesterday.

Just be careful and don't whine if you get scammed out of ten bucks.


30-05-2006 09:21:02

No worries, I am not sending payment until I have a good layout.

After its made, nothing much to worry about...as I won't be giving any information so he can upload it...I plan on doing all the uoloading etc...lol

I may smell dumb, but I am...ok...erm...I watch for scammers...lol


30-05-2006 13:28:41

oh i wont scam you, i am new here but i have been a member of fusion cash for a while now and only recently found this site, i have done some of the layout already and am planning to finish it soon, when it is done should i post it here or should i pm you with the links and stuff


30-05-2006 17:13:00

ok i have done the design now, i am pm'ing you with the preview of it and i have also done the coding for placement of the images and stuff, once you pay me i will send the psd image file, the jpeg image file, and the folder with the index.html file and all the images in it.