What does "bump" mean?

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25-05-2006 10:16:49

I started here yesterday and read through all the newbie info but I still don't understand the "bump" thing and when to use it. Can someone please help out? ?


25-05-2006 10:19:08

It makes your topic go to the top of the list when you click, "View posts since you last logged in". (Meaning, you will get more views to your topic).


25-05-2006 11:25:36

^^^ What he said.

Anytime someone posts in a thread, the thread gets moved to the top of the list. Spamming posts to keep your own thread on top pushes other peoples' threads down in the list and is forbidden here. You can bump your own trade thread only once every 24 hours, but you can go back and edit a post (such as your top post in your trade thread) as often as you like, because edit's won't bump.


25-05-2006 11:31:57

BUMP stands for Bump up my post