Can I put a Blingo ref link in my sig?

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25-05-2006 00:38:11

It's not a traditional ref link... it won't get me any closer to fulfilling requirements for a free product. In fact, there is one on the main blog page of FiG.

Am I allowed to put my ref link in my signature?


25-05-2006 03:59:40

Is it a referral link?

You answered your own question.


25-05-2006 11:32:50

It isn't really. I don't get a green or anything.


25-05-2006 11:36:08

[quote7979b4eac9="plusnightlife"]It isn't really. I don't get a green or anything.[/quote7979b4eac9]
But you do stand to gain from the referral, hence the whole point of referrals in the first place. With Blingo specifically, if your referral wins a prize, then so do you.

It would be okay to post about Blingo, or Moola, or whatever, saying you have invites or a ref link, and if anybody is interested to e-mail or PM you. However you can't spam a link unsolicited in your sig. If we allow it for Blingo, then it opens a whole can of worms where we have to decide when it's okay and when it isn't, inevitably alienating folks. This way, it's fair for everybody. ;)


25-05-2006 13:44:40

Fusioncash is ok though right?


25-05-2006 13:48:34

[quote713c55714d="Berky34"]Fusioncash is ok though right?[/quote713c55714d]
Yes, and only because it's run by FiPG's owner. When you're the boss, you get to make/break your own rules. ;)


25-05-2006 23:56:53

Okay, thanks guys!