The 90 day Credit due for Freepays

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23-05-2006 23:24:34

My freepay offer will end on the 30th of this month,

do I have to be done with my credits before that date and send in the approval just before the 30th?

Or do I just have to complete my credits before the 30th and I'll be ok and just have to send the approval afterwards even though it won't make it before the 30th?



24-05-2006 00:40:08

I think there's a grace period provided you have all your greens by the deadline. (I think)


24-05-2006 04:04:42

Sweet avatar, but I think Tholek is right.


24-05-2006 12:03:46

Thanks ;)


26-05-2006 20:19:25

i think i read in the help or terms that if you get all your referrals before the deadline and they green after, then its still ok. i'm not positive and i can't quote it... but that's what i recall reading. i'll go find it and quote it for you guys.


27-05-2006 01:49:18