Need recommendation for free laptop site

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23-05-2006 17:20:49

I would LOVE to earn a free laptop (preferably Mac, but I know that may not be an option). Any suggestions of good sites to try? Any tips on how to get people to agree to sign up? I've earned a free ipod, so I'm not entirely new to this, but I know that big ticket items are generally a lot harder to earn.



23-05-2006 17:44:05

http// is good. People are paying $50+ for refs because you have to do 2 regular offers + 1 Bingo/OOD.


23-05-2006 22:58:22

tahts it?


24-05-2006 08:02:09

I just got a MacBook Pro from Macs.Free4Me. Took me around 3 weeks and $600 (offers and paying for refs) to get it. 11 refs total, they now have the new MacBook for lower ref amounts if you are interested.

Top notch network, go for it! )