Question about offers and credit cards..

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22-05-2006 20:44:48

If I signed up for a site under my name but used my dad's credit card for an offer (same last name, address, just different first name) will I still get credit for the offer?


22-05-2006 21:29:31

You should, my debit card has my mom's name on it but I've used it for offers plenty of times and still gotten credit for it.


23-05-2006 00:47:39

so have i. Chances are you will get credit.


23-05-2006 05:26:07

I'm pretty sure that the freebie sites don't cross-check CC info. You don't give your CC to Freepay and AFAIK the offer sponsors don't report CC info back to Freepay (or any other site). IIRC Jake or some other rep has confirmed this in the past.

However you have to complete the liofferli in your name. As long as the offer vendor is cool with you using a CC with a different name than what you signed up with, you should get credit.