Flashipods4Free.com (Train) Just Finished Refs.

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21-05-2006 13:59:19

Ok.. Here's the deal. As you cans ee in my sig, I compelted the 5 refs for a Video iPod. And well I hit request for approval.

Is there anything I should know or do after this?
Maybe get more refs just in case?
What if someone in my list doesnt approve?


21-05-2006 14:02:08

Well it's not like Freepay where you have a deadline or they're shady, so just wait until you're approved (or not) to see if you need to refer more.

That way if you don't, you haven't wasted time or money on getting unneeded refs.


21-05-2006 19:19:39

Ok.. I just got 6/5 Refs. Just to make sure. Thanx


21-05-2006 19:26:30

You can use my Trainn Sig Generator[=http//www.mytestsites.net/sig_gen/]Trainn Sig Generator to re-create your sig with a cool image saying your requesting approval ontop of it. ;)


21-05-2006 20:22:37

yeah my experience with trainn is that sometimes they take their time but they always come thru


25-05-2006 00:36:44

Put your trust in Trainn. They never disappoint.