tickle tests

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17-05-2006 19:59:03

what if you did a tickle test before but u never but the results for it, can u do it again


17-05-2006 20:00:33

Should be able to as you never completed the offer. Make sure to clear your cookies before you do it though.


17-05-2006 20:20:29

Which site are you doing it for? Right now there is a site going around in circles with Tickle offers.


17-05-2006 20:51:29

see above. does no one ever search?

do an offer, get rid of that active account. clear your cookies. may or may not have to wait a week.
do another one.
some people get limits to how many times tickle can charge one credit card, some dont


18-05-2006 00:23:38

Am I the only one that didn't understand the question?


18-05-2006 14:08:57

looking at the question, my brain edited it to make sense. now, i see it makes no sense.
for clarification, u can not do the same offer twice on two different sites. that is fraud.
e.g. doing tickle zodiac, one on trainn desktops and one on oc 360 is fraud


18-05-2006 21:17:40

He is asking (I think) that if he took the test, but never ordered the results, can he take it again and then purchase the results? You can do that.


19-05-2006 03:47:42

yep, i think u are correct


23-05-2006 23:08:54

that's messed up tho... why close the account first when they can simply bill the results to the same account... weird on their part. but then again i don't mind as they're instants... so wo0-h0o!


24-05-2006 05:20:41

I'm sure you can do that but its getting iffy these days wheather your credit will stick. My CC was maxed out as in i signed up for two different tests and they wouldn't let me order any more with that CC. Just the other day i did that new palm test with that CC and it worked perfectly...


27-05-2006 14:13:43

xxxxxxx D


27-05-2006 14:16:14

[quote27851ea190="graciouscash"]xxxxxxx D[/quote27851ea190]

looks like someone is posting on every thread to increase post count as well as advertise his site...

i love the tickle tests, tickle palm was fun last week