Does It Ask You Who Referred You?

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16-05-2006 15:06:16

I'm giving someone a referral for However, they didn't send me the link that had their ref number at the end. If I don't go to the homepage using this does it ask later in or do I definitely need to wait for the link? Thanks.


16-05-2006 15:46:25

The only way ANYONE will have their referrals show up is if they the give their referrals the link with their ref number at the end of it, as well as the person following that link and registereing without deviating away from the given link.

If he links you to just the homepage, he won't see you. That's the whole point of ref links.


16-05-2006 16:02:41

Thanks. That's what I thought... can't seem to find the referral link though and couldn't believe they'd forget to send me something that important!


16-05-2006 16:19:22

isnt it in the trade module?
u should not trade outside of the module!
just PM him or email him and say u wont do it until the link is there b/c he wont get credit )