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15-05-2006 23:52:12

well this topic for 2 things

what is a small compact laptop with fairly good specs (well it doesn't have to be super small and compact, a FAIR size)

and what site provides it?

i'm such a freebie noob when it come sto things outside of free ipod stuff p


16-05-2006 07:28:59

There's the that just came out.

I'm going for the HP Pavilion laptop for 20 refs or a custom order of $800 for 20 refs. The specs are pretty decent for an $800 laptop, but they also have an Acer Aspire for 15 refs and an iBook for 24.

If you wanna start it, PM me. wink


16-05-2006 14:36:33

We also have custom order! D


16-05-2006 14:39:25

i would post at a site that is for computer questions to get good advise on laptops and then ask here if any sites have that one as well )


16-05-2006 15:52:36

actually i mite start taht site TSJ, what are teh specs for teh acer and the HP laptops? and how goes crediting? has anyone received anything from taht site? i haven't seen any brag bags on it..i think.


16-05-2006 18:51:45

Yeah people have been receiving gifts from them. fgr_admin is a fan of them I believe.

Also, the specs for the HP laptop are

[quoteb4cdf8ee50]li Windows XP Home edition (Service Pack 2); HP Image Zone Plus
li Notebook with widescreen 15.4-inch Brightview display and 2.0 GHz AMD Athlon 64 3200+ processor
li 80 GB hard drive, 512 MB of RAM (2 GB maximum), multi-format DVD/CD burner with dual-layer support
li Four USB 2.0, one Firewire, one VGA, one S-Video, one PCMCIA, microphone, headphone, IR receiver
li Built-in 10/100/ BASE-T ethernet; 56K (V.90) modem, 54-Mbps wireless LAN (802.11b/g) with HSM/Speedbooster support[/quoteb4cdf8ee50]

As for the Acer I'm not sure since it doesn't list a model number, but I assume they'd be just a little worse than the HP.

Credit; I have 5 refs on it so far and none have credited. They all (besides one) did it on the same night (Sunday) and most offers are 1-3 day credits. Also one ref did an offer that's 1-7 days credit, so I really can't say how good it is just yet. There are instant offers however.


16-05-2006 19:56:14

btw, have u been to deal sites like fatwallet or slickdeal?
some great dell deals pop up


17-05-2006 01:05:38

oh man..i haven't tried to achieve gifts that were over 8 referrals..i don't know if i can finish it (

are there any mediocre laptops at 12ish referrals?

i haven't done any site outside of trainn

TSJ once it credits i'll believe it, fgr_admin is unstoppable at getting gifts so i can't even compare to him. Him getting a gift is like me getting a referral.


17-05-2006 12:09:36


If you want something for 12 refs, just use the custom order option. For 12 refs you'd get about $450-$500 Paypal so you could take that and gt yourself a cheap laptop.