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15-05-2006 20:37:11

What is the best site to go for a 30gb video ipod?

Based on requirements, approval time, and shipping time.

Thanks for your input.


15-05-2006 20:45:23

well, i would avoid freepay. the best i have done is rewardbull


15-05-2006 20:47:07

Trainn's FlashIpods4Free = 5 Refs, 10 Business Day Approval, Shipping soon after.


15-05-2006 20:48:45

Yea I don't like freepay, really.

And I already started flashipods4free with a points account sometime last year, and was thinking about finishing that. I was just wondering if they take a while to approve and ship or what.

Ty so far.

unknown uchiha

15-05-2006 20:53:35

Another option is YourGiftsFree, they approve/ship within days. 100PercentOff takes less than 5 days to approve and is looking into weekly or bi-weekly shipping. You can't go wrong with either site =D


15-05-2006 20:57:02

http// also has an Ipod, not sure the refs though. Approve every Sat. night, ship every Monday.

unknown uchiha

15-05-2006 20:58:38

I think the refs are 3 or 4 for Gadgets.Free4me, seeing its payout ratio. Expect to do at least... I think 2 offers for that site? It was 3 normal ones when I did it...


15-05-2006 23:41:27

I'd recommend
I have heard that many ppl completed and received iPods from their sites within 2-3 weeks.Also,it isnt too popular like TRAINN or Free4Me so it's much easier to find refs