CellaDerm Acne/Tanning products

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14-05-2006 20:16:41

Hey, I was considering completing one of these offers, but can't seem to find any info about it.

Has anyone else done either? How is their customer service? In the event that I don't find their product does what it says it does, must I return the trial sample? I'm always suspicious of these health product offers...

Thanks in advance.


14-05-2006 20:19:54

triclear went smoothly for me. my wife didnt like the product and the trial and return went well. havent dont either of yours though


15-05-2006 07:39:53

I just received the CellaDerm tanning, and it came with the sender name of "trimlife" so I assume it's the same company. There is no sample you have to send back, you just pay the $6.95 shipping. Credited within a day on trainn.Good offer.


17-05-2006 12:13:13

Hey, just wanted to say, I did the tanning offer... Celladerm Acne, Celladerm Tanning, and ZovaSet are all from Trim Life. Trim Life is a very legit company, and all my dealings with them have been very professional and prompt, and the products aren't just some BS placebo crap. If anyone was nervous about trying these offers, don't be! Not to mention, they always credit rediculously fast.