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14-05-2006 15:46:17

Does anybody here make videos as a hobby? I am trying to figure out how to make a 6minute clip that I have play faster, so that everything is condensed into less than 30 seconds to get the overall movement of the scene.


14-05-2006 15:56:09

I edit videos as a hobby.


14-05-2006 16:18:07

[quoteff63b6d774="compuguru"]I edit videos as a hobby.[/quoteff63b6d774]

Any idea how to do what I was trying to explain?


14-05-2006 16:26:28

[quote46fd5d7a66="Gigante"][quote46fd5d7a66="compuguru"]I edit videos as a hobby.[/quote46fd5d7a66]

Any idea how to do what I was trying to explain?[/quote46fd5d7a66]
Do you want to speed up 6 min of video into 30 seconds? That'd be pretty fast. You're better off cutting things out and then maybe speeding up the video.

unknown uchiha

14-05-2006 17:33:40

iMovie -> Timeline Viewer-> Rabbit/hare "set speed of selected clips


14-05-2006 19:22:43

Thanks Uchila, 'cept i don't got a Mac. Anybody know on a Windows prog?


14-05-2006 19:38:30

On Windows Movie Maker you should be able to put in the clip and then do 'speed up X2' a few times, like 3 times would get you to 45 seconds...

Also, if you get a hold of Power Director, then you can just speed it up from 600 to 30 directly.