art-offer? Free Synthesizer?

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11-05-2006 19:16:41



Sorry, I've never done this before

In the "help" section it says "Page 1 - complete any 3 offers; Page 2 - complete any 6 offers; Page 3 - complete any 9 offers to get your gift"

So I'm doing 18 offers. Will I end up getting a bunch of junk mail or my SSN or credit card number stolen?

Any help is appreciated and I thank you in adavnce.


11-05-2006 19:26:53

Yes its legit. Its a nuitech site. I suggest u do a separate email account for this because youll get spam. Good luck with the 18 offers.


11-05-2006 20:41:30

mostwanted is right, you get mad spam so use a junk e-mail you don't care about.

I probably get 2 or 3 spams per day from NuiTech alone.

unknown uchiha

11-05-2006 21:06:26

BTW be prepared to do about 9 OOD on that site...


11-05-2006 21:06:43

ya rly


12-05-2006 03:48:44

Thanks! You guys are awesome.

Well, here I go again, being an uber-noober. can anyone tell me what an OOD is? And what kind of offers should I expect?


unknown uchiha

12-05-2006 08:55:14

Offers of Doom Extremely expensive/demanding offers you need to complete (i.e. Credit Cards which cost around $150+ for an application submission, Dish network/cable/sattelite subscriptions, car loans, $200 "get rich quick" scheme programs, etc.


12-05-2006 14:18:56

Is it worth it, or should I just save my money and buy the dang keyboard?

unknown uchiha

12-05-2006 14:26:07

How much does it retail for? If it's anywhere like less than say $2000 I'd say forget it.


13-05-2006 08:59:08

It's around 1,700. So yeah, I may just save my money.


14-05-2006 01:56:52

You could probably complete the site for less $500. So pay $500 for the synthesizer or $1700?

They would probably just send you a check instead anyway.

unknown uchiha

14-05-2006 10:28:12

With 18 OOD? I'm not so sure... I mean the first two pages you could budget off like $30 but the last page is what concerns me.