Giftfiesta Sending Products???

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10-05-2006 18:53:10

So i saw in one of the post about somthign with giftfiesta,??

Are they not sending out>

Anyone know wha this guy is talkign about... my greens arnt going as fast as they used to

Somethign up>

unknown uchiha

10-05-2006 19:08:01

They're sending out, they're crediting. Calm down, dude =P


10-05-2006 19:21:15

Hey thanx.. i just saw somethgn that caught my eye

How do u get -1 Trading record BTW


10-05-2006 20:40:49

There's this forum called Announcements, Scammers, and Impersonators.

There [i176acc74f6]might[/i176acc74f6] be something there.