FreePay 360

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08-05-2006 22:18:55

Hey anyone know what's going on with this site? I read on the forums they are giving away gift cards to certain vendors due to shortage of the 360. They also have a due date of 5/30/06 to complete your account, I need 1 ref more will I make it?


09-05-2006 01:57:16

They were only giving away cards to those who originally requested it.. Now everyone else has to wait for the actual units (This may have changed recently, as I haven't been keeping up on the situation).

That 5/30/06 deadline is to get all refs. So you have until 5/30 to get your last green and you have to mail in an approval form by a certain date.. I also recommend you have the approval form sent by certified mail just to be safe.


10-05-2006 00:06:07

wtf a approval form? for what? were do i get one?


10-05-2006 03:39:36

after u get all your refs your status will change and u will be able to download a form. I would pay someone to go instant green for ya for that last one and get all your refs, then download the form and mail it with delivery confirmation of some sort.