Hello...I'm back.

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07-05-2006 00:44:42

Hey everyone.School is almost out. Exams are nearly done with.
I've been gone from this site for a few months...what are the newest sites?
Also,I never have known what OOD meant. What does this mean?


07-05-2006 03:42:14

ood=offer of doom(casino, credit card, or web hosting....expensive)

Somenew sites are ordercash4free.com, thisstuffisfree.com(Network site)........TraInn came has a desktop site now...

unknown uchiha

07-05-2006 18:18:04

Don't forget about the Free4Me network- 50, 100, 250, 500, Gear, Gadgets, LCDs, Macs, Hotstuff

Free4me = If you submit your approval before like Friday/Saturday morning, you get approved on Saturday night and shipped Monday afternoon =D


07-05-2006 18:24:57

Actually I submitted for approval about 3 hours ago and I'm now set to "Shipping Soon" on LCDs.Free4Me. D