"Gone green" or "Offer completed"?

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06-05-2006 20:56:01

I'm not sure where to ask, but I figured this was the best place to ask. In the trade module, "Gone green" and "Offer completed" seem to be somewhat on the same levels... can someone give me a quick explanation how they differ? (Yes, I did read the rules beforehand.) )


06-05-2006 21:03:29

Offer Completed means that they just completed the offer (but doesn't mean that the offer went through).. Gone green means that the offer has been completed and the offer has gone through..


06-05-2006 21:04:28

not all offers are instant, so you mark it offer completed when you actually finish the offer, and you switch it to green once it has credited.


06-05-2006 21:05:28

Yeah what they said.

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