Regular or Core XBOX360?

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04-05-2006 09:55:30

Which one would you get?? If i get the regular with the Freepay G/C, i have an extra 100 bucks to spend on games and such.

What's the difference? I dont have a HDTV, maybe soon, but not now, so is it worth it for me?

What about you?


04-05-2006 10:51:48

premium gets you a $100 20gig hard drive, wireless controller as opposed to a wired one and xbox live headset.

also the HD cables


04-05-2006 12:55:21

When you say regular are you meaning premium? Cause to me it seems that regular (as you describe it) and core are the same thing.


04-05-2006 13:01:11

The Premium is more bang for your buck and I personally believe it will SAVE you money in the long run...


04-05-2006 14:44:33

Honestly, it depends what type of gamer you are...

If you are a hardcore gamer who loves to play more than twice a week, go with the premium, if you don't you are completely insane....

If you are a "once-in-a-while" gamer who only plays games socially or just like to fool around for a few hours to waste some time, get the save money and the hassle in finding a premium....

Your best bet though is the premium because even if you save the $100, that will only buy you one game, two if your lucky...and the extra stuff that comes with the premium costs almost $200, so you actually save money on that edition....

Plus, the premium comes with the HD, which you will need for many games in order to save and, for some, just play the game...Memory cards aren't worth much for saving since they have such a small space to put's really more useful for traveling or going to a friend's console than anything else...

Hope that helps wink


05-05-2006 07:56:28

i agree with absolut.
let me say I am SO glad I got the premium. the hard drive is great for games and media. the wireless controllers are a must for large tvs.