What are these OOD?

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02-05-2006 22:02:18

I know that it stands for offers of death, but what are they? Why are they listed as offers of death? And which offers should I look out for?

Sorry if this has been handled elswhere...


02-05-2006 22:06:33

It's Offers Of Doom and they came to be on OC's sites when they would substitute all the cheap/inexpensive offers with expensive hosting and Casino offers when you only had a few refs left to get.

Now it basically applies to offers that are a little on the steep side but generally an offer costing more than $40.


02-05-2006 22:11:47

OK, I found my answer...thanks for the one guy who responded...i'll give you some +Karma for not saying how stupid I was for not looking further before asking!