Offer help, Work From Home, and nutrisystem

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02-05-2006 20:26:14

Anyone have any info on these two offers? I've tried searching but come up short...

Want to Work From Home Online?
Earn up to $1,500+ per month part-time or $5,000+ per month full-time. Full training & Support Provided! This offer is for serious people who want to earn residual income only and an investment is required.

Get credit when you purchase the ONLINE BUSINESS SYSTEMS Decision Package for $39.95 (+S&H).

NutriSystem 28 Day Meal-Delivery Program
Safely lose 2 pounds a week with Nutrisystem - that means up to 10 pounds in just a month! Enjoy today's most affordable prepared foods weight loss program that's based on the Glycemic Index, and features meals and desserts full of good carbs and protein, yet still low in fat!

With Nutrisystem, you get breakfast, lunch, dinner and desserts delivered to your home, all for as low as $10 a day (28 Days of Meals with Auto-Delivery Savings is $289.46 and FREE shipping)!

Place your order online to get credit (Do NOT order via phone)

Thanks in advance, Berky
+karma too


02-05-2006 20:38:24

what kinda info you need? What site they on. Looks like nuitech!

Both are instant 90% of the time. Nutri costs 5 times as much as other one. lol

unknown uchiha

02-05-2006 21:02:09

I believe I saw those on Brandarama sites as well. Either those or another DIY network's.

Nutri's like all shakes and stuff... don't know how anyone can live off of that.


03-05-2006 14:26:45

Yeah it's for Nuitech, I need to do 2 OOD. Maybe I'll do that Wine one for like 119.95 or whatever.