MacBook sites?

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01-05-2006 19:54:18

Just had a couple of questions to ask.

Where are some DIY sites that you can get MacBooks off of? And also, woudl you say that getting somethign so expensive such as a MacBook would be easier off of a DIY site or a ref site? And also, I would like to not have to sign up for a credit card if possible.

Thanks D

unknown uchiha

01-05-2006 20:28:21

More expensive on a DIY site. You'll definitely have to sign up for CCs doing DIYs for that big of a prize. Check the DIY section, I believe there's one or two links for a Macbook Pro floating around. But believe me, you won't like it. It'll cost more than gathering refs for Macs.Free4me.


06-05-2006 20:56:02

I doubt it would be cheaper. But if it is, it'll take you months longer to complete a referral site than a DIY site.