Trimlife Package

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01-05-2006 19:18:24

For people that have gotten Trimlife, is this everything that came in the envelope?

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unknown uchiha

01-05-2006 19:28:10

Yup, that should be right.


01-05-2006 20:20:31

It also came with 2 small information pamphlets for each type of pill, but ya, I definately got those 2 small bags when I ordered it.


02-05-2006 21:58:11

That's what I got...seems they send the low cost packaging since they don't want it back if and when you cancel the trial...


07-05-2006 20:43:52

Did anybody have anytrouble getting credit for trimlife?

And I just noticed that Farley was dancing around when I'm talking about Trimlife...kind of IRONIC...Dontcha think?