Skill Jam offer info

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30-04-2006 22:56:26

Hey, I'm looking for some info on the Skill Jam offer. I looked at, they say you have to deposit $10, and they also mentioned some hidden fees. Does anyone have any info about this offer?


30-04-2006 22:59:39

I did it a few months ago and it was $10 but there were no hidden fees.

I saw it advertised on another freebie site recently and it looked like the price had gone up, so maybe those were the hidden fees people are talking about? shrug


01-05-2006 05:27:00

I beleive the "hidden fees" are a small fee that SkillJam takes out of your deposit for "processing"


01-05-2006 12:26:08

Yea, its a real good offer (at least to me it was), and you won't have to pay much plus you could win money 8) ....