not getting credit!!

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30-04-2006 09:54:06

i have completed offers but i m not getting credit for it.its been 2 days.
they charged my card!!! but no credit.
wat to do??


30-04-2006 10:06:05

It can take up to 15 business days (3 weeks) to receive credit. Save all confirmation emails to that you can file a manual credit request if necessary.

Also moving to Help...

unknown uchiha

30-04-2006 10:49:31

What offers did you do?


30-04-2006 13:05:00

also, remember to NOT use firefox. only use IE with all cookies being accepted

unknown uchiha

30-04-2006 14:19:25

Actually I have no problem with any mainstream browsers. I use IE, Firefox, and Safari and they all work well.


30-04-2006 16:40:58

ok i did aol, tickle and rapsody.
and yes i have cookies enabled,
using firefox.
i was loged in at the referal sites while completing offers.
got charged and can copy and paste the charge amount.

and i will be contacting the owners of those sites.2marro

unknown uchiha

30-04-2006 17:09:50

Charge amount doesn't matter. You need the confirmation emails.


30-04-2006 18:18:19

yes i have the confirmation email. thank god it was still in the trash folder