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29-04-2006 19:05:35

anyone else able to check offers on thefreeproject. a trader is looking to do an offer for me but on handbags all but the most expensive full credit offers are invalid or suspended.
seems fishy to me...
wonder if it will get back to normal after the 1st of the month


29-04-2006 22:53:25

Quote from

[i7a69884e9c]04.21.06 - MetaReward has decided to pull out of the incentive market. As a result, we are forced to switch advertising companies. Starting today, many of our offers will become unavailable. There will be about a week changeover period in which will be adding offers from our new advertising company and removing MetaReward's offers. The new advertising company will provide almost all of our current offers and many new ones.[/i7a69884e9c]

That is probably the reason that absolutely nothing is going on with their sites. My PSP still hasnt been approved and its been over 4 weeks. I just gave up on the notebooks site for now.


30-04-2006 05:52:29

could this result in why my last guy hasnt been credited. i have sent in a done offer manual credit for him and alsoa support ticket... no result?


30-04-2006 13:06:00

so hopefully that means that everything will be kosher this week. thanks for the post, garlic )