First Credit Card Advice Needed

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28-04-2006 12:33:15

I recently opened a checking account and recieved a Debit Card, and I am looking at applying for a credit Card. I am a prospective college student and would like to boost my credit and create good money management skills. I am looking at a Visa Elite Rewards Card as my banker suggested, but I am open to suggestions. I also like DiscoverCards Online Security Card thingy, where it gives you a temporary online CC number so your number does not get stolen over the internet, but I am not sure discover is taken everywhere that Visa is. Any suggestions?


28-04-2006 13:10:37

I have Citi's Platinum Select MasterCard which has a feature called Virtual Numbers. It has both a web-based and a stand-alone desktop version of the Virtual Numbers application, which generates card numbers, complete with a specified credit limit and expiration date plus CCV number. Charges show up on the main CC statement along with the virtual CC#.

I use it for any online dealings with unknown vendors that I haven't established a trusted relationship with, including a lot of these freebie offers. MasterCard is taken everywhere VISA is, so there's no downside to that one. Plus this card also earns ThankYou reward points which I've already redeemed for over $100 in CircuitCity gift cards. )


28-04-2006 13:47:09

That sounds a lot like DiscoverCards Online Number tool. Do you know if discover card is takenly as widely as Visa? Do you think that I, without any credit history, could apply and be accepted by that Mastercard?

lieditliDoes that virtual number work with Paypal? Dunno why you would need it, just curious.

Thanks for the response.


28-04-2006 13:59:05

Visa/MC are taken at far more places than Discover.

I'm almost positive Citi offers a "starter" card for college students, but have no idea if the virtual number tool is included. It might be included with all their cards, I don't know.

As far as working with PayPal, I suppose it would. PayPal may not like it though if they notice you changing/adding new virtual numbers all the time. Not sure what their policy is on that.


28-04-2006 14:59:26

Is finding places that accept discover hard?


28-04-2006 17:46:45

[quoteaeef28e9d0="Shroud"]Is finding places that accept discover hard?[/quoteaeef28e9d0]
I wouldn't say hard, they just aren't as universally accepted as Visa/MC. I would expect that most of your larger chain stores will take it, probably most bigger/nicer restaurants. Fast food and smaller stores, maybe not.


28-04-2006 18:21:46

Being an immigrant and all, I have no credit at all, but I also have no job at the moment since my work permit is yet to arrive.

When I do get a job, I had planned on applying for a CC (so I can build my credit score up in the hopes of being able to buy a car/house etc) but know nothing about them at all.

Any recommendations on cards not sure students or people with a great income since the job I do get will be shit?