question about prepaid credit cards

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27-04-2006 19:20:38

(you know what that means...i can do freepay, train, alot of things, u name it)which one should i use? a visa or a epassaporte...i tried epassaporte but they take $5 when u put money inside, does that happen all the time or just the first time? Anything else I can also use?


27-04-2006 19:26:57

All the time. You can also use, but that will also cost $5.

The $5 is for your peace of mind. Accept the charge.


27-04-2006 19:36:11

ok...can i put paypal money or only from bank/credit card, and what will be a decent amount of money to do about 10-15 offers without haveing to refill in the money again