Question. free xbox 360 game 2 offers

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27-04-2006 10:59:05

I am going to go for the free xbox 360 game, which is 2 offers.

I once spoke with kerm and he told me that it would be easier doing the offers myself, so thats what I am going to try and do.

My plan is to do the free offer at and possibly another free one if there is, if not, no biggie, I can do one of the other offers that aren't too much, at least under $5.00.

So this should work right? If the offers credit instantly, I should be approved for my free xbox 360 game this very day? (planning on doing this today as soon as I get these questions answered).

Help is very appreciated!


27-04-2006 11:03:19

Even offers that are advertised as Instant don't always credit instantly, on every network. If you plan on doing a Tickle test you should know that if you don't receive credit for it, you can't ask for manual credit anymore, Tickle are refusing them.

I'm not sure how quickly kerms is approving at the moment since he's been busy with his new site but if you get credit instantly then it should only be a matter of days until you're approved.

You're better asking kerms though.


27-04-2006 11:12:03

Thank you.

Unfortunately, kerms isn't on AIM until May 11th. (

I will send a support ticket later on.

Thanks again.