Using a Mac

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24-04-2006 18:54:09

A quick answer would be appreciated...If my ref uses a Mac to complete the whole process will I get credit as usual?


24-04-2006 18:57:27

I'm not entirely sure but it depends on what browser you use to do the offers on.

Some people use Macs, some people use Windows, some use Safari some use Firefox some use I.E and some use ones I've never heard of.

I've been told by various people that they use Firefox without any problems whatsoever, so if you're using Firefox on a Mac you should be fine. Don't take my word for it though.

unknown uchiha

24-04-2006 19:15:07

I run all my offers on Safari, you should be okay. So far nearly no crediting issues.


25-04-2006 15:13:30

Some offers aren't compatible with a mac (i.e. AOL) but other than that I've never had any problems, and I use Safari.


26-04-2006 02:28:05

Yea I work on a mac most of the time, but when completing offer I always do it from Windows Internet Explorer (computer in same network), I just don't want to spend the time to have to get manual credit....especially if its a browser/OS issue...


26-04-2006 18:01:51

It was a friend of mine. I have no idea what browser he used, but I got credit in less than a day. D


27-04-2006 19:06:17

I sometimes use a mac with firefox...way better than safari, and no problems with crediting


29-04-2006 07:41:41

Another friend tried to do True with a Mac and it still hasn't credited. I think that might be part of the problem...


29-04-2006 08:45:47

[be5fb8e09ca]It's not.[/be5fb8e09ca]