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24-04-2006 15:06:33

any sign up for this and get a confirmation email? I have not gotten one. just thinking ahead for manual credit )
i called and the guy said he isnt sure what happens, if they are even sent out


24-04-2006 18:12:28

Never done this offer but on a related note, whenever I do an offer, I always take a screenshot before I pay and after I pay for it. It's very handy for when you do offers that are either shite or don't send out confirmation e-mails.

I use a programme called SnagIt.


24-04-2006 18:15:44

Thats a good idea. I'm gonna start doing that. +Karma for you tsj.


24-04-2006 19:42:52

yeah i usually copy and paste but screenshots are good idea
thanks )
also, i got credit today so i guess i dont need the confirmation )