What site has the best Laptop deal?

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23-04-2006 18:52:09

I need a lappie for college, and was wondering what the best performance/# of refs site there was. Giftfiesta has some older sony vaios and other things, and I am guessing the average Giftfiesta value is around 900 bucks for 20 refs. What about freepay/offercentric/trainn? What are their good ones?


23-04-2006 19:05:58

i don't trust giftfiesta at all... they basically told me to 'fuck off' when requesting a manual credit...

stick with FreePay or Trainn (just my 2 cents.)


23-04-2006 19:55:11

Unless you're stuck on ref sites, I think the best way of going about it (assuming you're not going off to college until next fall) would be a DIY site. Even with raised rates, they're still much easier then ref sites.


23-04-2006 20:51:58

The thing with DIY sites is that I have already done many offers. Do they have more offers than most ref sites? What lappies do they have? Which sites are they?

How many refs for trainn+freepay?


24-04-2006 01:42:01

Trainn has no laptop site....yet.

OC seems to be a known quantity. If you can get a few people to do OOD at the end, you'll get it. The Freepay situation is still sort of up in the air.


24-04-2006 03:52:13

How many for freep? Why is it up in the air? DIY sites...?


24-04-2006 03:54:00

Um, it's best you read up in the Freepay forum about recent developments. Suffice to say, it's harder to do their laptop site now.


24-04-2006 04:05:22

I'm also interested in this I really want a MacBook Pro, but the 4free sites are unbelievably intimidating (with 3 offers that EACH person has to do)

I was thinking of doing it through OC (24 referrals). How is OC? Reliable (will I get my Macbook pro?)


24-04-2006 04:48:38

Most go for the cash from what I heard, but people [i8293647e21]have[/i8293647e21] completed the site.


24-04-2006 12:39:26

Maybe I should stay with Giftfiesta, with only 20 REfs. WHat about DIY sites?


24-04-2006 15:37:16

I would do DIY, freepay only gives you 90 days which for most people isn't enough time to get 20 referals. The OC site is okay, except you have to do the OOD at the end.


24-04-2006 15:49:12

no, freepay isn't even an option when it comes to laptops. 90 days, +approval form...


24-04-2006 19:25:27

It was once.... (


25-04-2006 17:05:44

Which DIY site is best for lappies?


25-04-2006 17:14:38

OC is your best bet, as long as you can get those final referrals done. nothing beats OC in terms of anything though. except support since Jake is much much more active here than the OC representative.


25-04-2006 18:39:40

How many refs are needed for OC again>?


25-04-2006 21:54:54

18 to 24 depending on model or paypal payout.


26-04-2006 12:31:32

24 for the best lappies? hmm, that sounds pretty good. How many are OOD?


26-04-2006 13:24:56

like 8

and trying to get 8 people to willingly sign up for an OOD

shock that's hard


27-04-2006 04:06:43

You're telling [i12edbe55d1]me[/i12edbe55d1]....I could use three though. )


27-04-2006 04:12:14

is it 8 for each level of lappy, even entry level?


27-04-2006 06:29:16

tier 1
16 regular 2 OOD

tier 2
same as tier 1 + 3 more OOD

tier 3
same as tier 2 + 3 more OOD

by the time you get the tier 3 macbook or whatever, you have to have 8 refs do OOD. If you only want the tier 1, it's only 2. You get the idea


27-04-2006 11:48:50

I currently have 15 greens at notebooks4free, will I be able to see what OODS there are on my offers page once I hit 16 refs?


27-04-2006 16:34:15

Only your refs will see the OOD, but some of the offers may appear on your page, however they will not be labeled OOD or anything like that.


27-04-2006 17:26:36

Ah, thank you sir.