I got SHAFTED by orderit4free

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19-04-2006 19:58:43

Well heres the story. I made an accoutn under somebody, but i didn't show up as yellow; so i made another account and it worked and I did an offer. So finally after i got 5/6 greens, I am put on hold. I talked to Kerms about this, and he is totally not cutting me any slack on this. It's weird cuz i thought we were pals and we chatted and stuff, but as soon as he saw some opportunity, he totally slapped me in the face; i didn't even do an offer on the other account, i had completely forgotten about it. It makes me ever more mad cuz Kerms is totally shafting me on this. (The same thing is in the orderit4free section but I put it in here b/c no one ever looks in there. lol)

unknown uchiha

19-04-2006 21:17:44

This is why I hurriedly did my OrderCells4Free account and jumped ship with the $240 Paypal. Never completing another O4F site again.


20-04-2006 01:03:38

Sucks that you got gipped like that, it's only happened to me once and it was immediately taken care of (FreePay)..

He never seemed like the kind of person who gipps, I actually did a trade with the guy. shrug