HELP! If anyone sees rewardbull, please do me this favor...

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18-04-2006 11:15:40

if ANYONE talks to rewardbull guy today, [b786e353a27][u786e353a27]PLEASE[/u786e353a27][/b786e353a27] DO ME A FAVOR and tell him to respond to me, read my pm or aim. He hasn't been on all day for some reason (usually he never even signs off aim, but he signed off after I left a message). So if you see him, I would really appreciate it if anyone could give him my message.

His check bounced on me. I need him to send me the paypal amount asap, so I don't have to worry that I'm being scammed.

Thank you.


18-04-2006 11:16:41

thats bad! im sorry shop ( hope everything gets takin care of.


18-04-2006 11:20:56

[quoteb01242719e="kdollar"]thats bad! im sorry shop ( hope everything gets takin care of.[/quoteb01242719e]


cry cry cry
i'm really mad (about this amoung other issues I'm having with him), but I am trying to give him a chance to at least fix this one issue. if you see him, please tell him i'm looking for him. and he knows my paypal address.


18-04-2006 12:08:09

Don't worry RewardBull is usually really good with this kind of stuff...You should get your money in no time...hes not on right now, but i'll keep an eye out wink ...


18-04-2006 12:16:12

I saw he got on msn too... but is away. The other aim RBullSupport has came back from idle several times, but they haven't replied to me either. (I'm more concern because my referrals are having issues too.)

I hope you are right though.


18-04-2006 13:19:22

[quote46a18f870f="h3x"][quote46a18f870f]RBullSupport hello
hex 01A4 'shopaholic' your check bounced, and am wondering if you could send paypal
RBullSupport we are dealing with her right now.
hex 01A4 ok.. that's all I ask. thanks again.
RBullSupport also, yes, paypal is one of our payment method.[/quote46a18f870f][/quote46a18f870f]

[quote46a18f870f]RBullSupport check out A4F, we got updated news about this bounced check issue there.
RBullSupport after few mins..
RBullSupport the site owner is still composing it.
hex 01A4 alright thanks[/quote46a18f870f]


18-04-2006 14:22:20

Thanks. I got a few other people to im them also, but they said they weren't ignoring me. They just weren't getting or seeing any messages from me through AIM or MSN.

I did finally talk to them though. We are trying to sort this out. My bank is also an idiot. So, it could fair well be them who made a mistake. Rewardbull wants me to make sure it is their check that got chargeback. It is, but the bank hasn't been able to tell me why. On rewardbull side, he says his bank said it was never cashed/deposited. I have to wait for my bank to reply, because they have to contact international since the check is no longer in their hands...

too much trouble.

Thanks for the people who helped me.


18-04-2006 18:45:16

if it is their fault (rb), i would suggest you ask for the fees involved in the check bouncing...


18-04-2006 21:38:09

i don't know what the issue is. i'm thinking it might be my bank. the weird supervisor can't give me a straight answer. first they said i got the chargeback and fee because there was nonsufficient fee. then, i called and they said it was because the check could not be "cleared". when i asked her where the check was, she said it was either on the way to my house or sent to internationals office. she said the problem had to do with the fact that its a canadian check. so she had to "call me back" which she never did.

(this is the same stupid bank that gave me $100 by mistake the other day and I gave it back to them... and guess what??? the teller got bitchy with me!!! I did a nice thing and the lady got pissy at me like it's my fault.)

well i called the national bank and then international myself. they couldn't tell me much about why i got a chargeback. however, they did said that tomorrow they would deposit it again. however, in addition the $4 i got charged for the chargeback, i am also going to get charge $8 for this deposit, AND if it comes back, I will get charge some huge fee since its from out of the US. they said all the problems has something to do with it being a canadian check... which i don't get.

ok sorry about the long post. just wanted to explain it.


19-04-2006 07:11:58

They gave you $100 by accident??? Then bitched at YOU when you tried to give it BACK???

What bank do you use, they sound so unprofessional its not even funny roll ...