How do these feebie sites work?

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17-04-2006 08:39:25

It may seem a silly question, but use this for an example.




2 refers 7

3 refers 8,9,10,11,12,13

4 refers no one

5 refers 14,15,16

6 refers 17

Assuming everyone completes an offer thats 17 times commission. Roughly 170 in the UK. However 2 people have completed the requirements. Based on 180 for a refurbished iPod thats 360, a 190 loss.

I understand the whole system is based on more people signing up than completing the requirements. But I would have thought that if someone is willing to complete an offer then they would be able to refer 5 people. Anyone have any idea what percentage of people complete an offer, and what percentage of those meet the requirements?


17-04-2006 09:02:36

I'd have to say les than 50% who sign up and do an offer actually finish the site.

Also, 2 cannot reffer 5 because he signed up under 1. 3 can't reffer 6 because 1 also reffered him. and 6 can't refer 12 because he signed up under 5. Remember...people can only sign up once per site.

Edit Also, they don't make "commision" as you may be taking it. They make a certain ammount of $ per person, which changes for each offer. So they make sure to make at least make enough to cover the item with the specific refferal number needed.

if an ipod costs 300, and they make their site needing 5 refferals, then they get $60 or over per offer. The sites that fail are because they don't make enough commision.


17-04-2006 10:08:15

Plus, if all of those plp complete offers and the freebie site gets "commission", it would be getting WAY MORE than would be needed to send out 2 iPods....


17-04-2006 10:11:35

Okay the numbers thing was just me not typing properly, you get the idea.

Im an affiliate myself and ScreenSelect and Blockbuster give around 10. And I have been told they give less for insentive based sites because the chances of signup are lower.

So the question still stands. The maths just doesnt work out.


17-04-2006 16:48:14

well the larger sites are able to get more poepl to sign up through banners and other ways, which is why they tend to offer a larger reward per referral. smaller sites that market to freebie sites like fipg know many peopel will complete the site and that means less profit for them. as for me, i don't really care how it operates as long as it stays alive )