Best Digital Camera Site?

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15-04-2006 17:00:28

Decided to use cash.

New thread for opinions in off-topic.


15-04-2006 19:13:45

http// has some cameras. By the look of the ref amounts (10 Refs) there are probably no OOD.


15-04-2006 19:43:00

If you have your sights set on a specific camera, you're beter off doing a custom order site or a site for Paypal and then get it yourself.

Order4Free network has the Custom Order option.


15-04-2006 19:55:30

i thought all OC sites had ood? i'm looking for a new digital camera too. perferably that sexy new canon powershot sd630


16-04-2006 09:35:34



16-04-2006 14:01:06

[quote72944e3e91="ghondi"]Not including the freepay one...unless they got more than the 3 on the front page...[b72944e3e91]those suck[/b72944e3e91].[/quote72944e3e91]

You're joking right? The SD550 is an amazing camera. 7.1MP, onboard and computer software is great (100x better than my Olympus).

Kodak is probably one of the last brands I'd buy. Every one of my friends Kodak's cameras has WB issues and the lenses don't seem as accurate as other brands.

(Lenses trump megapixels almost always)