anyone ever signed up for Juvé Miracle Cream?

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12-04-2006 21:05:49

It says its free, not on, anyone ever done it? thanks.


13-04-2006 05:04:13

I would stay away if I were you.

I just tried this on Notebooks4Free the other night. I'm now $207 poorer and waiting the obligatory time period to dispute the charge with my CC company. I've e-mailed and phoned (you only get shuffled to voice mail to leave a message for a callback) to call the whole deal off and demanding full reversal of charges. I've had on response yet.

What they do is authorize $98.96 liplusli the 3.95 trial amount. But according to my CC, they didn't just authorize the $98, they actually charged it -- immediately upon signup! I used a Citi virtual number (something I always do when trying new vendors that I don't trust yet) and it kept telling me declined for $3.95 when the card had plenty of room. After generating a new card number and trying again (thinking something was wrong with the first one, since this has never happened before), it continued to say declined. I gave up and did another offer, but then noticed that my CC available credit was reduced by $207! I immediately called Citi and she verified that several authorization attempts for $98.96 were made, at least two were actually charged, and also at least one $3.95 charge was chaged! All for a $3.95 30-day trial. I was furious, and the Citi rep told me to wait 1-2 weeks and if the charges are still there then they will initiate a dispute. She also said if I receive any product from them to refuse it and return to sender. It's extremely shady because they kept saying the card was declined while they continued to apply charges to it succcssfully.

That, plus them not responding to any of my e-mails and phone calls yet, tells me this is an offer to be avoided.


13-04-2006 23:30:42

looks like i might have a nightmare as well. they aren't getting back to me after a week + and a couple of attempts. they sure charged and shipped the order quickly so somebody must be alive.


14-04-2006 05:43:42

I finally got an e-mail from them yesterday saying they show several declined transactions followed by the transactiong going through, for "reasons unknown." They said all charges were immediately voided and no product would be shipped, as I demanded. The authorizations are still pending on my CC, but should be falling off soon. I'm definitely going to be watching my statement.


14-04-2006 07:28:48

I did the offer, and didn't have any problems. The only issue I had was I couldn't find a toll free number for them.


14-04-2006 14:31:17

yeah i just got an RAN today. gonna mail it back wednesday with delivery confirmation. i dont care if they charge me as long as i get it back. citi allows me to have that comfort )
if anyone needs the # it is on your CC statement. we shall see what happens when i return it.
it is longevity i am worried about. still pending credit and they charged the whole thing like they said...gonna call next week to see if i can return it...the stuff is nasty


20-04-2006 16:03:37

no problems from juve yet, mailed longevity out. cancellation of autoship was painless. sent everything delivery confirmation


20-04-2006 16:16:05

I just did Juve last night and was charged an extra $98. If you read their TOS and FAQ, they explicitly state that they only hcarge you the shipping fee of $3.95 upon ordering it. You're billed the $98 when your trial expires.

I asked fgr_admin last night if he did it and he said they reverse the $98 charge after 5 days. shrug I guess we'll see in 5 days or so.


26-04-2006 17:49:01

one word



26-04-2006 22:15:06

[quote9e503431be="amir89630"]one word


one word


Anyways, yes they do charge you that 100ish, though it was only a preauthorization for me, though being down 100ish really sucks


26-04-2006 22:47:29

It's been 8 full days since they took the $98 from me and I still don't even have the product, never mind any sign of them giving me the cash back.

Nobody else had to call them about it? It was automatic for all o' y'all?


27-04-2006 04:46:17

I think I need to call Citi back.

After I raised hell, Juvio sent me an e-mail saying all charges were voided and no product would be shipped at all. However I'm pretty sure my available credit is still reduced even though there is no line-item charge from them on my statement. I'm in between billing cycles atm so it's hard to see for sure. Any authorizations certainly should have fallen off by now...

This is definitely NOT a consumer-friendly trial offer, and I would recommend people to stay away from it unless you know for a fact going in that you will want to keep getting the product and it's worth $100 a month to you.


27-04-2006 16:22:31

they have yet to contact me back, multiple tries over the past few weeks, i haven't checked the mail yet but i bet you that they already charged me and sent out another order so i got charged again.

so this should be fun (


30-04-2006 00:34:59

I highly recommend using their online chat customer service. I was charged the $98 while my sample was in transit being returned to them. I had delivery confirmation, so when I seen that it had arrived I got online and talked to the CS rep on AIM. I told him/her my situation and my $98 was back in my account in 3 days. Very easy!

They have AIM, MSN, ICQ, and Yahoo chat support.



30-04-2006 10:49:08

It looks like the authorizations that had on my card finally dropped off. Took long enough, about 2 weeks. This is the only offer I've ever done and had this kind of problem.


30-04-2006 10:50:57

I called them up on Friday about it and they said the Juve Cream is on backorder for about 7 days but when I get it and try it out, if I decide I don't want it, I've to call them up, return the product and THEN they'll give me my $98 back. x roll


30-04-2006 13:03:33

yeah they have the charge out there pending when you order the trial and it does not post until the end of the trial. I did not see the charge until after I cancelled the autoship but by the time the charge was visible online the credit was there as well.

here is what it looks like
arrow down arrow down arrow down arrow down
Sale Date Post Date Description Amount
04/24/06 04/24 JUVIO.COM 888-435-8846 888-4358846 CA $89.95

arrow down arrow down arrow down arrow down
Sale Date Post Date Description Amount
03/24/06 04/21 JUVIO.COM 888-435-8846 888-4358846 CA $89.95