can i do more than once?

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12-04-2006 20:29:21

i've done tickle for a site already, can i do it again for another site and not get in trouble?


12-04-2006 20:49:15



13-04-2006 07:49:52


You can do other Tickle offers, SexIQ and TickleIQ are different offers, from what I understand.


13-04-2006 08:14:10

has anyone done more than one tickle offer like you are talking about doylnea? so i'll know for sure..


13-04-2006 09:15:32

Yes. I've done Tickle IQ for one site, Tickle Sex IQ for another, Tickle Brain for another, etc, etc. Everything is fine. You can't, however, do the SAME test twice.


13-04-2006 15:46:26

When you pay for the results of a Tickle Test you get a week long membership. Any more test you take during that time period will cause crediting problems because you can access the results for free while you have a membership. So just make sure you don't have an active membership, then you should be able to pay for the results and get credit. KEEP TRACK of which tests you have done though, because as others have said you may not do the same one again.


20-04-2006 16:02:17

ALSO, clear your cookies in between sign ups )