Placing an order

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11-04-2006 15:43:06

I'm trying to place my order on the freeproject's Ipod site. I've gone through the verification process already. I have clicked on the link to place my order, I then fill in my details, and click submit. However, I did this at least a moth ago, and every time I go back to check my status, it still has the place your order link up. I have put in several support tickets, but the customer service says that they are showing that I haven't placed my order yet. When I describe my problem to them, they either don't answer or just continue to say that I have not yet placed my order. Any one have any ideas on what I can do? I have both emailed and sent support tickets and I am getting rather frustrated. Thanks for any help that can be offered!


12-04-2006 10:04:16

were u approved before the terms changed? u may have to mail in teh approval form.
pm jake and ask him