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11-04-2006 14:53:38

Is this site legit and how easy are the offers? im seeing 30 refs for a ds and 25 for a nano.

11-04-2006 15:00:08

All of the offers are free and don't require a credit card. PM me if you're interested in signing up.

unknown uchiha

11-04-2006 15:10:04

The offers are like "lead forms". Fill out your info, phone, address, etc. and you're done. You get a call from the company a few hours/days later telling you about the home equity loan you signed up to learn more about or that college aid, etc.


11-04-2006 18:29:37

what about the ipod nano offers and the 50$ offers? are they all the same?

11-04-2006 19:00:59



14-04-2006 20:58:10

They just added like 20 new offers, as apposed to the 4ish they used to have. Pm me anyone who wants to sign up. I am offering $2 paypal...


14-04-2006 21:26:44

Is the offers available to Canada as well?