how to get referrals

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11-04-2006 13:09:08

How do I get my link out to get referrals? Any special places to let people know?



12-04-2006 00:44:51

the best way is to do trades in the trading forum


12-04-2006 00:45:33

other than that.. the only legit way is to beg your friends/family to sign-up. (keep in mind that if you ask family members, they cannot live under the same household. so ask cousins, uncles, aunts, etc.)


12-04-2006 09:57:26

also, if u have proof that the site is legit, like an ipod that u got from a sister site, then that helps. matt, if u wanna trade shoot me a PM and we can do one )


12-04-2006 10:12:43

Another good way is if you have a personal website, dedicate a page to freebies. I've done that and generated a few refs through there (although I can't get people to go from yellow to green!). I'm going downtown today to put up a bunch of posters advertising my site. It can't hurt.