OMG IM on Hold

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11-04-2006 05:55:56

OMG y am I on hold I have done nothing wrong and i just started and only got one referal so far, it was at, plz some one help me and can u get referals to still go green if your on hold?


11-04-2006 06:17:48

li Did you ever spam your referral link?

li You're under 18. They claim you can do it @ 13 with parental permission, but did they actually request permission?

li Have you signed up twice, or from the same location as someone else (such as a school or library)

li Did you provide bogus e-mail, name, address, and phone number?

The great majority of DQ's from freebie sites are based upon one of the above reasons. If none apply to you, then submit a CS ticket to them, state your case, and ask for an explanation. You may never receive one, but that's all you can do. And if you DID do any of those things (or any other T&C violation) then don't even bother.

unknown uchiha

11-04-2006 10:41:49

How sad. If you know you haven't done anything wrong, open a support ticket with Hold-No Violation as the subject and see where it goes.

11-04-2006 12:09:40

Or send a message to "Order it 4 Free" on AIM.


11-04-2006 12:25:45

7 refs for psp?


11-04-2006 14:28:00

ya i was just thinking of doing the psp one, but 7?


11-04-2006 14:35:03



11-04-2006 17:45:13

yeah 7 is alot, and i figured out y i was on hold it was because i had not filled out my acount info like my address and phone number so they just said to send it to them and now im waiting on them to take me off hold.

unknown uchiha

11-04-2006 18:24:44

WTF? Doesn't sound logical to put someone on hold for that, look at OC.