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10-04-2006 08:31:54

Hey yeah im sorta new to this thing and was thinking about using paypal to pay people for referals like some people do. And i notice alot the $25 payers dont get any people and not alot of $30 payers do either. So what is the best price that i should pay people to do referals for me, without paying the price of the product i want lol or spending a fortune.

10-04-2006 11:27:27

Start off trading site for site, (for example - I'll do your laptop site if you do my iPod site) and once you've gotten a few referrals and you run low on offers, start paying. The price depends on the site.


10-04-2006 12:02:19

People usually don't get refs because everybody has already done those sites and it's hard to find unique refs....$20-30 is very resonable for sites...Just take a look at the prize and the amount of refs required and come up with a good price....i.e. -- 8 refs at $25 each is $200 for a $350 iPod (sometime even more expensive) and thats reasonable to me....